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Retractable Drop Shades are the perfect way to maximize the enjoyment of your existing wood, vinyl, or aluma-wood patio cover and increase your outdoor living space or a west facing window or patio door that gets blasted by the afternoon sun.

The Retractable Drop Shade System is primarily for use on patio covers, but is also well suited for applications that require protection from low afternoon sun like windows and doors.

The Retractable Drop Shade System travels up or down to provide excellent & durable protection against heat, solar damage, inclement weather and even stray golf balls. The weight bar inserted at the bottom of the fabric travels along vertical stainless steel guide wires and thus is prevented from blowing around on a windy day. Unlike a box & track system, the Retractable Drop Shade System can be mounted onto uneven surfaces such as rock, brick, slanted fascia and under eaves. Our Drop Shades are used to significantly reduce the heat, light and harsh UV rays by up to 95% and come in custom widths up to 22’ and 16’ high.


Crank operated
Conventional wall switch
Hand held remote control operation (can operate multiple systems individually or all at once)
Sun sensors – Automatically programs your awning to extend out when the sun comes up and retracts when the sun goes down. 

Motion/Wind Sensors– Automatically programs your awning to retract.  This senses excessive movement and retracts the Awning to help prevent the chance of damage due to wind.   (Can be programmed at different wind settings)
Manuel over – ride motors allows you to manually operate your awning in the case of a power outage.
An Aluminum  Hood/Cover (protects fabric from the elements when not in use and provides aesthetic appeal)

All of Abbott Awnings / Blue Sky Retractable Awnings come with a 10 year PRO-RATED warranty.  All electronics come with a 5 year warranty.

Abbott Awnings supplies attractive awnings and also retractable awnings in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura.